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The store display project with the trainees

Our trainees had quite busy couple weeks for helping Taru from the sales department. The task was to design and create a store display wall from our decor panels for clients. And in the end, to help Taru to build the display wall into the stores. The girls opened a bit about the progress of the project.



”We always had the wish to see the sales department and thanks to Helatukku we also had the opportunity to do so.”

”First of all, we attached the samples of the decor panels with the right labels. After that, we should think about how we could attach it on a display wall so that it looks appealing to customers. That’s why we must think in terms of a concerted effort. ”

”After a few trials, we came up with the idea to arrange it from light to dark because it looked best for us. When we were done, we took a picture of it and packed everything together and drove into the shops in Seinäjoki and Vaasa.”

”When we arrived in the shop we got a blank display wall so we had to paint it first with colour. After 30 minutes, the colour was dried and we were able to put up the pattern examples on it. So, after we were done with our display wall, we were proud of our work.”

”It was a very creative task for us and we got a very good impression of what the sales department is doing.”

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