EtusivuUutisetMika Sumuvuori appointed Helatukku Managing Director

Mika Sumuvuori appointed Helatukku Managing Director

BULLETIN 19.2.2021

Changes in HtF Group arising from company acquisition
Mika Sumuvuori appointed Helatukku Managing Director

HtF Group Oy, the parent company of Helatukku Finland Oy, has acquired Suomen Helakeskus Oy. The deal will see Helakeskus operating as an independent subsidiary of HtF Group.

Helatukku Finland Oy’s Managing Director will be Mika Sumuvuori, who has been working as the Group’s Development Director. As a result of the deal, Ari Pölkky, the current Managing Director of Helatukku, will become the Managing Director of Helakeskus.


A clear path to a bigger fittings business

Competition in the markets is tight, and this company acquisition brings competitiveness to the whole group. The sector has internationally recognised brands, which dominate the market.

“With this company acquisition the Group gains all these brands and product families, with which we can grow HtF Group’s fittings business to be number one in Finland. The Group gains a wealth of extra international procurement skills, and with this deal logistical reliability is top quality. We also obtain more Group level financial skills,” states Ari Pölkky.


Helatukku continues on the growth path – knowing its value

Over the last 5 years, Helatukku has grown at an annual pace of approximately 10%. In the last strategic period, the group achieved the sales target of 10 million Euros. A goal of the new strategic period is to continue on the path of strong growth. Over the next few years, growth efforts will especially target the South of Finland.

The group continues to network with the best possible partners. This also means even deeper internal Group co-operation.

“As up to now, the customer is central to Helatukku’s operations. When, with our partners, we concentrate on helping customers, we succeed and above all, help our customers to succeed, even in toughening international competition. Working together brings significant benefit to all parties,” says Mika Sumuvuori.

Behind Helatukku’s success is the company’s prevalent positive attitude, passion and the joy of working. It stems from respect between people and genuinely adopted values.

“We cherish our important values in our daily work: caring, co-operation, courage and dependability. Through Helatukku’s operations they have transcended to become the whole Group’s values. At Helatukku The Winning Team spirit prevails, and is conveyed to the market by Helatukku’s warriors, now and in the future,” Mika Sumuvuori promises.

The created HtF Group’s turnover is in excess of 18 million Euros. The personnel numbers 58.


HtF Group’s subsidiaries are from 18.2.2021:
Suomen Helakeskus Oy: furniture fittings and supplies wholesale business
Helatukku Finland Oy: fittings and fixtures sector wholesale business
KVS Oy: lighting and electrical wiring design, installation and wholesale business, Finland’s official distributor of Casambi ecosystem products
MP-Tietosovellukset Oy: ERP systems and tailored software solutions for wholesale and import sector companies.


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