Meet our trainees

We are excited about you to meet two future professionals from Austria. The young women are doing their one-month long internships in Helatukku.


”My Name is Michelle Stöckl and I am 17 years old. I live in lower Austria. I like to read and meet my friends in my free time. I am currently doing an internship abroad for a month at the company Helatukku, Finland. My work there is to support the team by doing my tasks. In Austria, I am an apprentice as an industrial clerk at the company OMV in Lower Austria and Vienna.”


”Short to my Person my name is Elena Vojinovic, 18 years old. My Hometown is Salzburg, Austria. In my free time, I like to read and meet with friends. Currently, I’m doing an internship in the company Helatukku, Finland. There I support the team by doing my tasks. Since good education is important to me, I took the chance to do an internship. In Austria, I’m doing an apprenticeship as an office clerk in the Company BWT, Upper Austria.”

”We are so happy to be in Finland and make our internship at Helatukku. The work and the colleagues are very friendly and cool. Thank you Helatukku, that we could make our internship at you.” both trainees says.


In collaboration with SEDU, Helatukku offers a front-row seat to the international students to gain work experience in a Finnish import and wholesale business.